We provide consultations in the following areas:

Business consulting:

Business consulting:
- The investment files.
- Economic feasibility studies.
- Studies, and market research.
- Strategic planning.
- Action plans.
- Social and economic studies.
- Situational Analysis / SWOT Analysis.
- Pricing strategy.

Management Consulting:

Provide Consulting services in the following fields:
- Building and developing administrative systems.
- Building and developing human resource systems.
- Administrative Process engineering.
- Restructuring of institutions, companies for both public, private and joint sectors.
- Build Scorecard.
- KPIs management.
- Productivity Initiatives.

Financial Consulting:

Provide financial Consulting services in the following fields:
- Tax portfolio.
- Consultations services in finance, accounting, and control systems.
- Pricing Transfer.
- Activity based costing.

Valuation Consulting:

Evaluation of the components of Companies (Private & public sectors) in the following fields:
- Business Valuation.
- Financial Valuation.
- Real estate appraisal.

Information Technology:

Providing information technology Consulting services in the following fields:
- Strategic Planning for Information Technology.
- Business and industrial governance electronically.
- Auditing / Electronic systems.
- Planning for Business survival, and protection from disasters.
- E-Government.

Quality Management:

Logistics: Providing consulting services in the field of preparation and formulation of logistics needs.