GICTC Vision:

GICTD strategy vision is based on providing an integrated high quality series of consulting, training & development services to the public, private & non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sectors. We aim to create economic, social & cultural environments through specialized skilled teams.

Our vision includes:
-Contribution to various consulting services in business.
-Providing specialized training courses via modern methods to meet the clients’ needs & develop them.
-Expanding knowledge and skills for individuals.
-Provide solutions to the current & future obstacles that can add competitive value in order to achieve the strategic plan target efficiently and effectively.

GICTC Mission:

GICTC aims not only at resolving business obstacles, rather to turn them into valuable points.
GICTC Values Providing professional services to our clients based on three main aspects:

GICTC is a fully independent Co. that is not related to/nor is part of any local or international holding groups operating in the business domain.

The company provides its services through specialized team featuring highly qualified academic efficiency, and well trained professionals with real practical experience.

3-Knowledge and Tools:
Our service delivery is based on the latest supporting tools. We are also in continuous cooperation with international professional institutions that contribute to the development of our capabilities and expertise.